ANNOUNCEMENT 04.05.2021 - Alpha 2.4.0 Patch Notes

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Senior Moderator
12 Kas 2020
  • Problems with ability usage of Mage and Priest classes have been fixed.
  • Fixed missing life issue when using "Buff" abilities in Priest class.
  • Fixed Priest debuffer abilities not working on monsters.
  • Fixed Debuffer "Curse" ability not working on monsters.
  • Animation stimulation has been added when the remaining duration of the skills used is below 5 seconds.
  • Fixed not counting issue for Death Valley counter race kill missions.
  • Fixed the issue where the item used during the upgrade process does not disappear from the inventory.
  • Party menu, the issue of staying behind the right damage bar has been fixed.
  • When you type /Roll in the chat section, a dice system between 1-100 has been added. (currently only party leaders can use)

  • Rogue class, all skill sounds have been activated.
  • Mage class, all skill sounds have been activated.
  • The issue where the "confirm" button of the other party is pressed in the trade screen has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue of sending to the wrong cordine in the "Tail of helldog" mission.
  • "Cursed blade" sale price has been corrected.
  • Rogue Archer (Fire Shot, Fire Burst, Toxic Arrow) effects have been revamped.
  • Hp & Mana potion effects have been changed, their voices have been added.
  • The sound level when you enter the game has been reduced.
  • Short Savage Axe item effect has been added.
  • The "Supply - Merchant" sale price of the items that activate the "ultimate" abilities of all classes has been updated to 100 coins.
  • A work was carried out on the problems of the creatures in the map of Death Valley. (In testing phase)
  • Fixed the issue where the character would not follow the target when using Auto Attack (R+R).
  • Fixed the issue where the selected target falls off the target during character skill use.
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