ANNOUNCEMENT 15.12.2020 - Patch Notes

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Game Master
21 Eki 2020
Character Skill Adjustments
  • Mage
1) The frosty ability effects which were disappearing suddenly are fixed, and now the effects end more softly.
2) In the field (like nova) abilities, the effects problem of hanging in the air is fixed.
3) The effects spinning under the character's feet (eg Ice Meteors) was following the character while taking steps. It has been fixed.
4) The sphere appearing in front of the character with the use of "Ice Frozen" skill was not following the character before. It has been fixed.
5) When someone who is in the movement was teleported by the mage, the character was keeping on running . It has been fixed.
6) When someone was teleported, there wasn't any effect of the teleport skill on the character's head. It has been fixed.

  • Priest
1) Some bugs in "Prophecy" and "Misfortune" abilities have been fixed.
2) The problem of not selecting a target or selecting the wrong target when using shield and mace have been fixed.
3) The buff abilities could not be thrown to the opposing race on maps specified as Friendly Map (such as Dorion). It has been fixed.
4) Protean Female Priest running animation has been fixed.
5) The issue of "Uplift" skill which could not be used while the enemy was attacking. It has been fixed.
6) The issue of not being able to use skills (Ex; healing) that do not have a cooldown is now fixed. Before there was a little bit of delay.

  • Rogue
1) In the fast-hitting skills (eg smash)., there was an error while using such fast-hitting skills. It has been fixed.
2) The "Stunning Bolt" skill area has been expanded.
3) Although the "Devotion" skill, in the Scout section, is a passive skill, this skill could be put on the bar. It has been fixed.
4) The values in the description of the "Minor Sacrifice" have been updated to "240 HP - 440 MP" and the skill cooldown has been adjusted to 0.5 sec.
5) The cooldown time for the "Rush" skill has been adjusted.
6) "Smoke Bomb" talent ability sometimes did not appear, the problem has been fixed. Also, the scope of the ability has been expanded.
7) When the enemy Rogue used the "Camouflage" skill, sometimes the target could not be selected. Now it is fixed.
8) When there is a player who used the "Camouflage" ability around you and when you re-entered the game with the relog, you could see the player momentarily. It has been fixed.
9) when the "Camouflage" was used, the character was not transparent or clear. Now it is fixed.
10) Although the "Camouflage" is active, the monsters around were attacking the character. This issue has been fixed.

Interface (UI) Arrangements

1-) When a private message is received from another player, the notification effect of the message box has been made more prominent and a new message symbol has been added.
2-) The mouse cursor was getting faulty when clicking the garbage symbol( 2 or more times) in the Inventory. It has been fixed.
3-) Key assignments in the settings section have been activated.
4-) The previous adjustments in the settings section were not being saved automatically. It has been fixed.
5-) The problem of not being able to change the pages with the mouse wheel in Npc's is now fixed.
6-) The problems in buttons such as pm-party-trade in the mini menu that opens when the character is right-clicked have been fixed.
7-) Party right-click actions (move, click, throw, transfer) are fixed.
:cool: Automatic reset feature has been added to the rank table after a certain period of time.
9-) There was a problem of selecting multiple targets, now it is fixed.
10-) The problems with selecting the Party Members are now fixed.
11-) The problem of the skills not being deleted from the skill bar simultaneously, when the skills were reset, is now fixed.
12-) The problem of suddenly stopping when the character would try to click on the party members while running with the W command, has been fixed.
13-) When someone who is your party member is next to you, and you click on him, he would not, at the same time, be selected on the party menu. This problem has been fixed.
14-) The weapons (durability) were not dropping instantly while being used. This problem has been fixed.
15-) After nine private messages, the problem of the message windows being stacked on top of each other has been fixed.
16-) The issue of being able to drag other items to the trash bag while waiting for confirmation (Arrow - Cancel) to throw away an item. Now it is fixed, only one item at a time can be thrown away.
17-) The option to change camera angles and lock directions have been added.
1:cool: "View Distance Scale" feature has been temporarily removed from settings.
19-) Class descriptions on armor and weapons have been corrected.
20-) Arrangements were made in the General Ticket / Reporting system.

Item Arrangements

1-) The images that appear when the weapons of "Golden Dagger", "Vixen Bow", "Arbalest Bow", "Starlight Staff" and "Heartseeker Bow" are displayed have been adjusted.
2-) Incorrect icons of "Swift Shooter Bow" and "Cooper Knife" weapons have been adjusted.
3-) Glow effect has been added to armor and weapons. Its brightness will increase according to the levels.

Launcher Arrangements

1-) General optimization has been done.
2-) Slider pictures and Patch and Note tables have been changed.
3-) The problem of overflowing on different resolution screens has been fixed.

Entry Arrangements

1-) The class icons on the character creation screen have been enlarged.
2-) The issue where the characters sitting on the rendering throne were wearing conjectural clothes has been fixed.
3-) The server name has been changed.
4-) The problem of the character spawning on the top of the throne when switching to the character selection screen while in the game has been fixed.
5-) When more than one "Select Character" is made in the game, the problem of being kicked from the game after entering the game has been fixed.
6-) After the character is selected, the effect that appears when entering the game has been changed.

General Arrangements

1-) When a sitting character died, it kept walking in the sitting position. This has been fixed.
2-) "X" button is added the choose the nearest party member.
3-) The problem of not standing up when the seated character was damaged has been fixed.
4-) The range issue of Guard Tower has been fixed.
5-) Animation of the "Black Mummy" creature was re-made.
6-) The issue of guard towers and monsters focusing on the GM character has been fixed.
7-) The problem of pressing only one reinforcement scroll in the "H" menu has been fixed.
:cool: In the sitting mode, when a character was using the spawn key (going to the town), the character was not standing up. This has been fixed.
9-) GM commands have been expanded.
10-) New weapons are added to Weapon NPC.

Map Arrangements

1-) It was possible to pass through the tents in the Protean Kingdom, this problem was fixed. 2-) The issue of the teleported characters being spawned on objects has been fixed.

**In addition to all notes, many errors that were not mentioned and not noted were corrected.
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