ANNOUNCEMENT 16.12.2020 - Patch Notes

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In-Game Master
2 Şub 2020
Skill Adjustments

1) Priest class could use healing skills while in the "stun" state. It has been fixed.
2) When using the Rogue class "Smoke bomb" skill, the opponent could not click anywhere else such as(Party, inventory, etc. other than the floor. This problem has been fixed.
3) If the abilities that the characters can use while standing (eg healing) are used continuously while jumping from a high place, the character was floating, this problem has been adjusted.
4) The issue that the skills like "Camouflage", "Vanish" could not be pressed again from the skill bar when the cooldown is over, has been fixed.
5) The issue that the "Shuriken" skill of the Rogue class could not be used has been fixed.
6) When the Priest class used Buff or Debuff skills if teleported or moved before "Skill casting" was completed, the skills would not fail. If the casting time of these abilities is interrupted before they are completed, they will give skill failures.
7) The scope of debuff abilities of the Priest class has been expanded.
8) There was an inconsistency between the field image of Rogue class's "Stunning Bolt" skill and his appearing resulting effect in the field. This has been fixed.
9) The issue that the effect of the smoke bomb skill did not appear so visibly when the Rogue class threw it at the maximum range, has been fixed.

Interface (UI) Arrangements

1) Problems in changing the order of party members have been fixed.
2) The problem that a player in the party would fall off the target (for the priest healing ability) while running with the mouse, has been fixed.
3) The issue that the right-click selected skill's effect was disappearing when we moved the skill in the Skillbar to another slot, has been fixed.
4) When selecting "Cancel" after making changes in the settings menu, the problem of the settings going back to the old one is fixed.
5) "Keys" area in the Settings menu has been completely edited.
6) The issue of characters moving while clicking in the NPC window has been fixed.
7) When the NPC window for sale is opened, the items that can be stacked on each other (for example; potion) were not showing the overall price has been fixed.
8) The problem that when we threw an item in the inventory to the garbage and clicked on a different place or on an item, the thrown item visually was falling back into the inventory, has been adjusted.
9) The problem of continuing from the 2nd page of the bank when you close and reopen, has been fixed.
10) The visual problem that occurred when you tried to sell the item that can be stacked on each other to the seller, has been fixed.
11) While the back was open, you could still, with right-click, open the menu. This has been fixed.
12) When you moved the item in the bank to different slots of the bank, there was a visual problem, the item visually was increasing. This been fixed.
13) The problem of visual increase when getting items from the bank to the inventory, has been fixed.
14) Visual problems caused by dragging items from the inventory to the bank were fixed.
15) While getting items from the bank, weight control was not performed, the problem was fixed.
16) The visual issue which occurred when carrying some skills while using the Skillbar horizontally has been fixed.
17) The problem that when you close the inventory without using one of the (Ok-Cancel) options in the mini window that opens after throwing an item in the inventory to the trash, this was causing a lock in the inventory slots. It has been fixed.
18) The menu which you can access with the "H" key has more and faster options now. The alpha help menu has been added to the "Alpha Functions" section in the H shortcut. Other features of the menu are still under construction.

General Arrangements

1) When returning to the spawn point (returning to the town), a distinctive effect now appears under the character.
2) "Returning to spawn point (returning to the town.)" usage time was set as 3 seconds (Spam control).
3) When your character is damaged in war zones or after hitting damage, the option to return to the spawn point will not be available within 3 seconds. The character has to wait a minimum of 3 seconds without war action to reach the spawn zone. In addition, if your character's health is below 50% in war zones, it can not use the option ' returning to the spawn point or returning to the town'.
4) The shaking issue that occurred when the character selected the target while standing still or running has been fixed.
5) When more than one person in the party opens the same box and someone already collects the item, the loot box of the others is also instantly being updated.
6) When everything in the loot box is collected, the box now disappears directly.
7) The problem that people who are not your party members were able to see your boxes, has been fixed.
8) The name of the player who hits the most damage is now written in the box that fell from the creature.
9) In general, the damage points of the archer abilities were decreased, the damage points of the "Tripple Shot" and "Penta Shot" abilities were increased.
10) The power ratio of the passive abilities of the Priest class's mastery abilities has been reduced.
11) The issue that the name of the killed creature would not appear when it spawns again, has been fixed.
12) The problem of not carrying potions in the inventory to skill bar has been fixed.
13) "Y lock" in the camera in the Settings menu comes now as default.
14-) Alfa Ticket / Reporting system has been activated.
1-) General improvements have been made to combo mechanics in the combat system.
16) Bugs in the current launcher have been fixed.

**In addition to all notes, many errors that were not mentioned and not noted were corrected.
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