DUYURU 17.12.2020 - First Patch Notes

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Game Master
21 Eki 2020
1- The proximity problem with the camera angle (View Scale) has been fixed. You can edit it in the settings.
2- Many critical bugs that caused the game to close down have been fixed.
3- The problem of characters not getting up when seated has been fixed.
4- The work on eliminating the problem of the clothes suddenly getting out of the characters' body while the characters are walking has been started to be worked on.
5- There will be some arrangements on the death sounds of the characters and creatures.
6- The first feedbacks on optimization problems were received and the work on them has already started
7- All of your notifications about other errors have been received by the technical team, the necessary arrangements have been started immediately.

It is planned to prepare a Lite version of the game until the Open Beta.
Do not forget to inform us of the new errors you receive after the patch through the Ticket system in the game. Thanks to all the players who were with us on the first day.

Rise Online World.
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