DUYURU 20.12.2020 - Patch Notes

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Game Master
21 Eki 2020
1-) New massage icon has been added to minimized pm windows, also increased the visibility of the effect of new message.
2-) Fixed the white scroll error in long texts in PMs.
3-) Blocking option to Trade and Party requests has been added. (Press H to see)
4-) It's disabled to jump while you're dead now.
5-) Priest healings were shown as damages in system window. It has been fixed.
6-) Typos on some buttons have been fixed.
7-) The range of Weaken ability of Priest has been increased.
8- ) Currently working on the problem while using two monitors. Attached file: Ek2.png
9-)You can see the level, needed mana, range and cooldown informations on skill explanations now. We're also correcting some of them, so some might seem wrong till then.
10-) Chat and System window texts have been fixed.
11-) Fixed a critical issue that caused FPS drops in "all chat".
12-) Texture quality and Effect quality settings in "Settings>VIDEO" are rearranged.
13-) Monster voices and sounds are disabled for a while.
14-) The sound volume of the game intro has been decreased.
15-) The design of the Rank Table has been renewed.
16-) Fixed the problem where "adrenaline" in the Alpha help menu was deleted when you die.
17-) "Add friend" button has been added to the UI that appears when you right click on anyone.
18- ) Players of the same faction sometimes displayed their names in red, it has been fixed.
19-) Colors of clan texts of the same faction have been changed to blue
20-) Resurrection ability of the Priest and respawn window bugs have been fixed priest.
21-) The duration of the re-spawn text/window that appears quickly on the screen when the character dies has been adjusted.
22-) Dummies have been added to the town areas of both factions in Death Valley. So you can test your skills on them.
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