ANNOUNCEMENT 25.12.2020 - Patch Notes

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Game Master
21 Eki 2020
1) The problem that the skills on the F7 and F8 pages were deleted in the skill bar has been fixed.
2) The animation problem experienced when moving to the character creation screen has been fixed.
3) There was an error message when creating characters and it was causing players to create characters in the background. It has been fixed.
4) Mouse icon change has been added when you switch to attack mode with the 'R' key.
5) When you select the closest party member with the 'X' key or NPC with the B key, your character will turn in that direction.
6) The issue that the character name was appearing large on the character selection screen has been fixed.
7) The cooldown counter has been added to the buffs in the alpha help menu.
8) The whisper window was staying in the background when skill bar pages are open. It has been fixed.
9) The problem that mouse click was being stuck when you double click on the selected person in the party bar, has been fixed.
10) The problem of not being able to write properly a long text on the chat has been fixed.
11) The issue that the skill or potion registered on the right button was being used when the player turned the screen around, has been fixed.
12) Clan names have been added to the ranking table.
13) You will now receive an error message when trying to unlock NPCs from a distance.
14) Improvements have been made to FPS issues.
15) Performance mode has been activated on the 'P' key to prevent FPS drops in crowded areas. It is still in the testing phase, please send your feedback on this subject.
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