ANNOUNCEMENT 26.01.2021 - Patch Notes

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Game Master
21 Eki 2020
  • The feature of hiding the helmet of the character has been added to the settings section.
  • The problematic working structure of Stunning Bolt has been fixed.
  • The area limits of priest heal and debuff skills have been adjusted.
  • Damage rates of Warrior, Skewer, Terror, and Smite skills have been adjusted.
  • Warrior frenzy skill's cd duration has been reduced.
  • The shaking effect statute of the area skills was added to the setting, it can be turned off and on at any time.
  • Your own hp bar and target hp bar have been made moveable.
  • The problem that you could not use skills such as dispel, sharp eye while in combat, has been fixed.
  • Debuff skills have been made useable on monsters.
  • The problem of priest master skill (Invincible) not working has been fixed. (When you kill an opponent, you do not get any damage for 5 seconds)
  • The problem where weapons would not decrease durability when using a skill, has been fixed.
  • At the supply merchant, some non-working items fixed.
  • The problem that money was split to the person who was away from the party, has been fixed.
  • Settings> Keys section is now registered specifically for your characters.
  • When you enter the game for the first time, the graphics settings are automatically loaded according to your system.
  • The problem that the character did not appear on the screen when you select a character, has been fixed.
  • The problem that the Warrior's blink skill was being stuck to the character or object when there is another character or object in between, has been fixed.
  • The problem that the character would keep sitting when the character was killed while sitting, has been fixed.
  • Many bugs in the Mage teleport skill have been fixed.
  • The problem when you used a heal or a minor sacrifice to one of your own race, it was seen as damage, has been fixed.
  • The problem that the monsters were falling from above when approaching a remote creature slot, has been fixed.
  • The character's head has been adjusted to follow the selected target.
  • A range status mark was placed in the middle of the decal image in the area skills.


- A marker has been added, that shows the direction of the selected target.


  • Map optimization studies have been done.
  • Major updates are still being built and tested.
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Üzgünüz bu konu cevaplar için kapatılmıştır...

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