Alpha Stage - First Look


Game Designer
23 Kas 2020
Hi everyone,

I hope you and your families are healthy and safe during these uncertain and unprecedented times. I know sometimes you feel like you are lonely or having not much support. Note that we're not a big budget studio. We're just a group of players who wants to create a good game for old MMORPG players. At this stage, we may not be able to do some of the things very well but we are determined and capable of making things much better over time. So we just need some time.
You'll be surprised when you look at the past, when you compare before and after. We are focussing on basic issues like overall gameplay, in-game performance, servers' health and performance and security in Alpha tests. We still have much to do but we're eager to figure out everything over time.

Personally and on behalf of the team, I thank you all for your support and patience. Your feedbacks are very valuable at this stage. I want you to know that we won't stop till everything gets much better.

Stay healthy,

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