Suggestion Events with friends and NP system


12 Kas 2020
Hello! I heard that there will be multiples events in this game that can look similar to juraid mountain (dungeons with monsters): 2v2, 4v4, 8v8, 16v16?.
This seems really interesting! but i hope that you will add the possibility to do those event with friends for better player experience. (in KO juraid is with random people only)

The actual problem with KO and juraid event: You need LUCK to play with clan mates or simpy with friends. All the parties are random in this event.
It is less fun for me to play in party with random people that don't speak english because we can't communicate with each other.

To make events alot more fun, it would be nice in ROW to add the feature'' Join as party'' for all kinds of events in the game

I am taking league of legends for example: If you are 5 friends and queue for a match, you will be matched against another premade team.

-How could this apply in ROW?

Exemple: You make a party before the event, and then press the NPC to join event. The whole party would be registered to get in the same event.

To prevent imbalances, there could be an option to ''join as solo player'' so you are matched with random players just like juraid mountain in KO.

2) Suggestion about the NP system.

-In knight online, when u have 0 NP, you are teleported back to EMC/Luf and you have to pay $$ to buy NP again from a NPC.
The problem is that sometimes, when you are a new player and poor, you don't have the money to rebuy a little amount of NP to be able to play.

Suggestion: Don't kick players out of pvp zones at 0 NP. People with 0 NP could give less NP when killed or simply no NP at all.

3) Event suggestion: A daily pvp/EXP quest. To be able to do it, you would need to queue for it (like a dungeon finder in WoW)
Why am i talking about a daily ''dungeon finder system quest???

-The events in ROW will be scheduled like in KO (i heard) ( 10h00 BDW, 12h00 CHAOS, 15h00 forgotten temple, etc.)

-The dungeon finder daily quests (PVP+XP) would help players in other timezone that can't do the scheduled events because of their work, family,night time etc.

Tell me what you think about my suggestions :)


12 Kas 2020
Hello Jack;

Thank you very much for your comments and suggestions. The developer team always reads and evaluates your suggestions and thoughts. See you soon on Alfa 2.0.


24 Nis 2021
ED lucky to plan with clan? You're lucky if you wont play with some naked noobs/AFKers :D

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