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13 Kas 2020
RoW Support Team Leader made an interview last week due to intense demand. I just wanted to convey the highlights of this talk to the English-speaking community that follows the updates on the forum even the game is at such a point. Here are those points:

  • Although RoW was designed by a small team 4 years ago, the majority of the game has been created since last year. Since then, a lot has changed in terms of both the team, vision and budget.

  • We are aware that the game has some shortcomings, and the most of them is left like that in order to show you the game is developing. We also have many projects, completed/designed. We will present all of these to you step by step so that your enthusiasm will always remain high with these projects that will be added to the game. We want to offer a perfect game by taking firm steps.

  • We will not make the mistake of most production companies in the market. Our game will continue to be constantly updated and developed with innovations after it is released.

  • We are a completely anti-P2W company. We will definitely not sell any items that provide advantages. Some cosmetics (some of them may give small bonuses like 3% Exp increase) and some scrolls (e.g. if a Priest can give 2000 HP, a Scroll will give 1500 HP) will be sold through the in-game store, without leaving any class in the game non-functional.

  • Anything that will be sold in the in-game store will be not tradable in the game.

  • We continue to discuss licensing with Steam or Epic Games.

  • System requirements are written as "ESTIMATED". They will be specified more certainly after testing stages and improvements.

  • Optimization works will always continue.

  • In the first Alpha stage, the PVP system will be tested, and in the next, the upgrade system and the interracial war system may be tested.

  • There will be many different quests on different maps (fixed, hourly, daily, weekly, one-time/repeatable, solo/party/clan etc.).

  • Macro is a program that is used to press the skills you have listed at certain intervals of seconds. What a macro can do will not be faster than what a human can do in our game. Also, we added various functions to the skills (such as a skill to deal more damage under a certain HP), so it will be more beneficial for the players to play with their hands. That is, we will have killed the functionality of the macro.

  • When the security software we have detects a key input at superhuman speed, it will process a log about this player into the database and report this. Thus, we will be able to see the players trying to gain advantage with 3rd party softwares and take the necessary actions.

  • You will be able to change the keys you want in the game as you wish.

  • There will be swimming dynamics in our game and there will be various missions and rifts under the sea.

  • We will have a soul-binding system. Most of the top-tier items will be bound to the character and will not be tradable. In this way, we will prevent P2W to a large extent.

  • It is not entirely clear whether there will be a kingdom election or not.

  • There will be many things you can do with the points you earn on the battle maps.

  • You will be able to teleport to some places, and to some places you will be able to go by mount.

  • Some players like plenty of effect; some players like a simple theme. RoW will be a visually satisfying game. We have prepared a detailed Options for those who have FPS problems or do not like much visuals, they will be able to turn off some features if they wish.

  • We are thinking of E-sports integration, a league system with good rewards can be established.

  • The crafting system will be improved, it will be made attractive and useful for players. For this, roles can be assigned to specific classes or special quests can be designed in the Clan Castle map that we plan to include in the game in the future.

  • There are those who complain that we do not advertise. We will advertise after the game is fully polished. You will appreciate that the players who see the advertisement of the game in its unfinished state are very likely not to look back. We will do our advertising work globally from various channels (Twitch broadcasters, banners on recognised websites, etc.) after Beta or maybe just before so that the game attracts people around the world.

  • Since the most things are open to change, we just wanted to give you a general information. We want you to experience the details in the game and let us know your thoughts.

The highlights were like this, I hope there is no point I missed. I strongly recommend all players around the world who are here now for the updates, to follow the game in order to experience the privilege of being the first. When the things fall in place, the community managers will also communicate with us more intensely. Meanwhile, building a strong community is up to us, the players. Also as I told earlier here: bigger network, better experience.

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