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21 Eki 2020
It is strictly forbidden to send threatening, abusive, obscene, vulgar, hateful or excessively unsolicited (Spam) messages and send messages regarding religion, language and racial discrimination.

You are responsible for every message you post. Forum Administrators (Admin / Mod Team) assume no responsibility in this regard. Messages that do not comply with the forum rules will be deleted without warning.

You can consult the Administrators (Admin / Mod Team) for more information.

• You cannot accuse, swear / insult a user who has little or no knowledge of a topic in the forum.
• Before starting a new topic, control in SEARCH part and do not open the same topic again.
• You should pay attention to the use of capital letters in all kinds of topics and messages you will open in the forum as it will mean shouting.
• Discussions about language, religion, race and politics are strictly prohibited. Subjects and messages written for political purposes will be deleted without warning.
• Insulting / abusive messages and topics about another game, game platform or its administrators are prohibited.
• Sharing personal information belonging to someone else is strictly prohibited. (E-Mail address, Social Media Accounts, Phone etc.)
• It is forbidden to sell any product on the forum. (Electronic devices, in-game materials, etc.)
• Your profile photo and signature cannot contain items such as obscene text / pictures, images that will disturb someone else.
• Every topic / message in the forum may not be checked instantly, please report such situations to the administrators.
• All our members are deemed to have read and accepted the forum rules.
• Each player can have only one forum account. Please keep in mind that there is a possibility that you can lose your main account if multi membership is detected. The forum users who receive temporary penalties are strictly prohibited from opening an extra account during the penalty time, they must wait for the given penalty to expire and continue with the same accounts when their accounts are re-opened.
• Posts containing "+1", "++", "super", "beautiful", "only emoji and such messages sent for updating the topic (except for the messages sent as a gesture of thank) will be deleted without any warning.

Forum rules will be updated from time to time.
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