Request Game overall performance - Option to play on Consoles?


20 Ara 2020
I am testing this game on I7 3610QM and Geforce GT 650m.
When I set everything to minimum I have ~30FPS with drops to 9fps when a lot happens. I want be switching to new PC since me and my friends bought Xbox Series X we are all Knight Online old timer's starting on MYKO and Ares(DeusManus, Inferno), Edana, CW, Europa and also Steam version.
I can organize few people including myself who could test Rise Online on Xbox(even in developer mode).
Xbox fully supports Mouse and Keyboard so it want be an issue of gamepad play habdicap and Power of Xbox serie X should be easily enough to run this game.
If any of you dear members also think that this is a great idea please support me.
Thanks in advance and have a good hunt!

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