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19 Kas 2020

Race: Lunaskar
Focus: PvP
Type: Semi-Hardcore / Casual Friendly

Who We Are

We are a clan that was kickstarted by a group of friends who have played numerous MMORPG, ARPG, RPG, FPS, Indie, MOBA, RTS games together for over 15 years.

We've first started playing KO when it was launched officialy. We loved the game and played it actively for about 4 years until it was no longer playable due to hacks, bugs and P2W aspect of it. Nevertheless, we loved the journey we had and wish to experience it once more. Since the competitive scene consisted of people using third party programs to get advantages, real money transferring for gear, constantly abusing bugs, we did NOT strive for a respectable place as it was pointless. With that being said, most of us have competitive backgrounds and achievements in several games. However with ROW, we will aim for success considering the negatives of such MMORPG's are fixed.

We aim to create a chill, friendly and a wholesome community that is drama-free. We want quality over quantity and intend to keep it that way. If you enjoy the atmosphere, we guarantee to keep it at the same quality, and only bring in like-minded people. Even though our first aim is to have an active community, casual players are more than welcome to join. There is NO mandatory content, and there never will be. It is up to player's choice to join the clan events.

What We Provide

Non-toxic, friendly, wholesome, chill atmosphere.
New friendships.
In Game guidance for new players.

What We Do

Daily PvE farms.
Daily repeatable game contents.
Daily PvP groups.

We Are NOT

A large clan. We won't lover the quality for numbers or any other advantages that we may gain.
Hardcore. We are semi hardcore and our main focus is to have fun, and enjoy the social aspect of the game.
Drama Seekers. It's a game, and we keep it at that.

We Are Looking For

Like minded, mature people that are over 21 y/o, respectable, have a sense of humour and team spirit.

Discord Link:

Once you contact an Aesir, you may join the recruitment room.

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