Suggestion Groundshaker's Alpha 2 suggestion list


13 Kas 2020
Hi to all devs, I will post all my suggestions in this post for the duration of Alpha 2.
It will be easier for me to keep track and for you guys to have a better view.


  • adding an option to rename your mount or to give a nickname to your mount
  • adding a way to exit the game via mouse, at the moment we can only exit the game with ALT+F4
  • give option to swatch to any line in Dorian and not specific ones (not all sub servers are showing)
  • disable archery skill before lvl 7 to prevent macro low lvl users - it makes questing for non archer users a hell
  • reduce the casting animation time for low lvl skills for mage (the TRAINER skill path)
  • to take more then 5 quests at a time
  • add option to change letter font size (not just to enlarge the UI)
  • different colors for party members on the map
  • decrease the weight of lower level potions (as a mage i had to sell tons of potions as i could not get quest rewards)
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