How many people are we? Big Poll...Do you want a Trade Closed Server?

Do you want a server that does not have a trade system and where shopping is done entirely from AH?

  • Yes

  • No

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18 Nis 2021
Friends, it seems that Rokosoft wants to continue on its way through a system where the trade system is open and the sale of gb and items from outside the game is supposedly prohibited, but it is possible for anyone who wants to do it freely.
The purpose of the survey I will do is to find out how many people do not want this system, who want to play with a system where the trade is closed and in-game trading can be done entirely through Action House, and if a sufficient majority can be found, maybe there is a hope that Rokosoft's trade in another server of the game is closed only Action House. It is the thought that it can open a server that can be traded through House. I have opened a topic about how the system will work before, I leave it as a link below.

Yes, vote, how many are we?

How does the system work? In the link below.



24 Nis 2021
The system that is inside now is so weird.We have normal merchant and AFK merchants. I have personal experience.I've tried normal merchant but I had to set AFK merchant just cuz I had DC time to time (still do fix this issue LOL).Than I setted AFK merchant on the next day I logged in,not gonna lie I was very surprised that merchant didn't get destroyed after I logged out.

So there are two ways in my opition:

1.Merchants (without AFK merchants)
2,.Auction house

Personally I like auction house more you don't have to spend your valuable time on trading.
Auction house also will decrease scams.


14 Kas 2020
afk merchant system is awesome, this is something what was missed in knight online when people played 12h and then puted merchant for another 12h and after a week or two u damaged your pc too much. I have played some mmmrpg with auctionhouse and so far this is so easy to control by bots and edit your prices so fast to be on the top all the time with cheapest on the market to let only your macro bot sell any item and I dont liked this.
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