Suggestion Mage class ideas(in general and arcane mage)


12 Kas 2020
Hello, i have some suggestions to make about Mage class in rise online

Well, in knight online(USKO,SteamKO), mages are usually weak alone and need very high gear to win a fight against any other class. (They are often a 2 shot kill for assassins)
I have some suggestions to make mage gameplay better: Maybe by increasing staff atack dmg and by giving the blink ability at a lower level?
Rogues have light feet and warriors can use a teleport skill on their rogue friend to run super fast. ( I think the spell is named descent??).

I think those 2 spells makes it too easy for warrior/rogue to chase enemies and easily kill targets.

Considering mage have low mobility, low 1v1 dmg, it would be interesting to have a dmg increase on staff attack and some mobility spell(Blink) at a lower level.
I also hope some staff will have dagger/spear defense on it like chaotic/oasis/scorching staff in usko.

My other suggestion is about Arcane Mage:
If my idea of buffing some spell to make mage able to stand 1v1 or escape fights is not considered:

-I know that arcane mage is under construction. It would be cool if Arcane mage could bring a new gameplay!
My ideas for this class: -Higher single target damage/ more mobility/ Special armors and staffs that are only for ''Arcane mage'': (It could give more defense and hp than normal mage armor)
-The AoE dmg of Arcane mage could be reduced compared to fire/ice/light to compensate the higher hp/def/single target dmg.
-The staff atack could have chance of rooting the enemy(not stun) or blinding the enemy for a few second (random ideas here)
-Having some skills that can't cancelled while casting

In my opinion,
By doing this, it could create a new style of gameplay for mage players that could fight other classes more on single target dmg than just spamming nova with mages party.
This could create 2 different gameplay style.

So, my suggestion is to buff the staff attack and give more mobility spells to mage class in general. If it's not a good idea according to the developpers,
Arcane mage could be created to make a new different gameplay for mages: An ''atacker mage'' with higher single target damage than the fire/ice or light mage.
They could wear special Arcane mage armor with higher defense and hp bonus, to make it more like a fighter class.
This Arcane mage could be played the same way archers are actually played(group of archers pk in cz)

I would like to have feedbacks from other players about my idea :D


14 Kas 2020
The idea is good, there is a cause and effect relationship. I hope a strong Arcane Mage come out and we enjoy playing.

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