DUYURU Rise Online World - Alpha 1.0 Fix Patch Notes

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Game Master
21 Eki 2020
  • The location change problem in minimap has been fixed.
  • The dying animation problem of deer type creatures in Dorion has been fixed.
  • The problem that Grand Staff was only appearing when attacking has been fixed.
  • The problem of FPS drops when the inventory was open has been fixed.
  • Attack animations of Fishman creatures in Dorion have been added.
  • The problem that archers were able to shoot from the fences in the epicenter in Death Valley has been fixed.
  • The problem of some creatures like Slimy not hitting damage, has been fixed.
  • The problem of Bone Pole Staff not being seen when put on, has been fixed.
  • The death animation of the Giant creature in Dorion has been slowed down based on its physical size.
  • The problem that clicking on the log windows on the right and left was causing the characters to stop, has been fixed.
  • Occasionally the NPCs were not appearing. It has been fixed.
  • The problem that the gold stored at the bank was being deleted after relog, has been fixed.
  • One-click delete of buffs has been increased to two clicks.
  • The problem that the Rogue Bloodlust ability would work on an ally unit, has been fixed.
  • Mage characters' skill areas have been expanded.
  • The problem that the character was stoping when PM arrives, has been fixed.
  • Item icons and their explanations were enlarged.
  • Many editing fields that do not work in the settings menu have been fixed.
  • The feature to hide the title of the character has been added.
  • An arrow pointing to the selected target has been added to the lower part of the character. The 'E' key has been set as the auto walk key to the selected target.
  • The problem that the names of your friends in the party were not being closed when you press the 'O' key, has been fixed.
  • Errors in the character editing screen have been fixed. (Usually visual errors)
  • The problem of mouse inactivity for a few seconds in trading transactions and being able to trade while on the move has been fixed.
  • The visual error that occurred when moving the countable items in the inventory has been fixed.
  • A system where you can get instant visuals from the game has been added. Assigned to the '*' key.
  • The problem that existing abilities were remaining in the skill bar after the ability reset, has been fixed.
  • Chat and log boxes have been made movable.
  • Resolution scale setting has been increased to 200%.
  • "yes-no" option has been added to the Select character section.
  • The problem of returning to the target when the character presses Z or B while the character is dead, has been fixed.
  • To follow a party member "X + R" has been added.
  • The problem of characters turning towards a selected target while you use the sharp eye type abilities, has been fixed.
  • When it is time to repair your items, a warning will appear on the screen.
  • "Game Init Error" error when opening the game has been fixed.
  • The problem of skill bars being changed to default mode during map transitions, has been fixed.
  • "Effect quality-Texture quality" in the video settings section has been activated.
  • General optimization settings were made(Character-Map-Skill FX-Weapon FX).
  • Major improvements have been made in the performance mode that we have developed for low-level PCs (shortcut P)
  • The problem of being able to use skills and potions several times by pressing skills and potions quickly, has been fixed.
  • The problem of armors lagging behind the body while the character is running, has been fixed.
  • The problem of the character's shadow constantly getting up and disappearing when the character is seated, has been fixed.
  • The shortcut of "changing camera angle", which will be practical for our players using a fixed camera angle, has been added to the setting.
  • The problem of the cursor flickering in the middle when turning the camera with the right button pressed, has been fixed.

*Notes on major updates will be shared after necessary improvements and tests.
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