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13 Kas 2020
After having played and leveled a bit as a Priest, I have some feedback and QoL improvement suggestions I'd like to get out there.

1. Normalize Buff Durations
Buff durations seem to range anywhere from 2 minutes to 15 minutes and there's no clear reason why this is the case. I'll list out a few buffs so we can get a better idea:
Aarvad's Myth (Trainer Tree, increases attack power by 50%), Duration: 2 minutes
Energy Regeneration (Healer Tree, increases mana regen), Duration: 5 minutes
Strengthen (Trainer Tree, increases the strength stat by 20), Duration: 12 minutes
Strength Of The Beast (Multi Tree, increases your strength stat by 30), Duration: 12 minutes
Life Breath (Buffer Tree, increases HP by 100), Duration: 15 minutes
I'd love to see all buffs that aren't intended to be temporary (such as sprint) be set to a normalized time, if that's 15 minutes, great, 30 minutes, even better, but please, let them be synchronized so that you don't need to stop what you're doing to recast a buff that is now even further out of sync with your other buffs. Having these fundamentally necessary buffs have different durations serves no real purpose other than giving us a headache. (This is especially true with something like Aarvad's Myth as a BP, having to cast this every 2 minutes, WHY?!)

2. Extending party status visibility
As a priest (and really, anyone playing in a party), there is shocking little visibility in your teammates status, we have no way of telling if a member is already buffed, what buffs they have, how close they are to expiring, etc, etc, etc... More information needs to be easily accessible via the party window.

3. Extending floating battle text options
The newly added floating battle text above enemies is AWESOME, great job! This is the type of new features we desperately need; that said, it would be GREAT to have more options around it, for instance, disable showing other peoples damage, or change the color of YOUR damage so it's easily distinct from others, and perhaps showing floating battle text above allies you heal would be great additions to this new feature.

4. Buff Interactions on Players
Currently it's impossible to overwrite a party members buff if they have ANY buff of the same kind on, in my opinion, this shouldn't be the case, you SHOULD be able to refresh/overwrite a players buff if the buff you cast is EQUAL or HIGHER than the one the player has. This is a clear QoL improvement with no downsides.

5. Debuffing
Debuffing monsters seems to more work than it's worth right now, with a cooldown on the single target AC debuff being what it is, and how LONG it takes to cast, there's little reason to use it, I'm not sure if it's even functioning right now. To expand on that, it's not clear to anyone that a monster is even debuffed after being afflicted with multiple curses, their health bar doesn't change, they display no icon indicating anything, nothing. This issue desperately needs some attention soon.

6. Debuff/Heal/Buff casting times
I can't speak to other classes, as I haven't played then yet, but the priests non-attacking skills FEEL bad to use, it's hard to put into words. While the attacking skills are nice in that you can cancel them in order to avoid overly long noninteractive animations, the buffing/healing/debuffing skills don't benefit from such interactions in that if you cancel them in any amount, they just don't work-- I don't mean to suggest all skills should be instant cast animation canceled, just that MOST feel overly drawn out and don't benefit from the most fun mechanic this game has to offer AT ALL. I think there can be a middle ground here where some compromise is had so we can have more interactive gameplay.

There's a lot more I can post about, but these were the most aggravating issues I've seen that I feel should be at least discussed internally asap. Let me know what you guys think.


12 Kas 2020
Alo playing priest and had the same thoughts like you had while leveling
Nicely written out


15 Nis 2021
In line with what has been announced so far , you'll be able to see the which buff,debuff and scroll using/affected by your party members.
About animation casting times, i asked your question and i got answered that they already working on that too.

The team working on those but theresn't any certain announcement about when will they launch that update, we might see that in few days or maybe on Beta phase, thats not clear yet.

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