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21 Kas 2020

Character Idle animations are great in any Mmorpg. The behavior of a certain character gives more depth and meaning to the game. A strong warrior should look fearless and proud. Most of the games have couple of different idle animations where the character chest moves to indicate breathing, or sometimes turn their head to look around. If you take this one step further;

You can implement different personalities for the players to use. Those personalities act like costumes, but they change how the idle animation of the character behave. Or how the character should stand. For female characters "Princess" can be made, more elegant look. A fierce warrior can be a "commander" his hands behind his back, chin up, looking sure of himself. Or an assassin can use "Assasin" personality and play with a dagger in his hand. a "Thief" personality can play with a coin, throwing in the air and catch it. "Drunk" Personality could be fun. Those are endless opportunities to sell in the store for role playing purposes. Harmless to the game but create variety and depth to the game.

Costume and Armor Dye

With premium membership, there should be a system where players can dye their armor and costumes. The colors would be obtained by achievements or through playing the game. For some unique colors like Gold, could be dropped from most strong bosses in the game. For example, when you became a king, you'll have "Battlefield Red" or when you heal, 1million HP, you'll have "Divine silver" color. This gives players an opportunity to customize their character and bonds with them.

Mount Upgrades & Appearance

Mounts are great. Those are the means of transportation besides the teleportation. MMORPG's who rewards players who spend more time has more succesfull life. There should be a upgrade system for mounts. For example;

Speed: 0/90 ( how fast you can go )
Stamina: 0/90 ( how long you can sprint )

Those upgrade should be daily. 1 upgrade at a time. so in order to have a fully upgraded mount you need to join the game and upgrade your mount. This way, experienced players feel rewarded while new players have a purpose and sense of progress. For each character mount upgrades should be separate.

After one upgrade is fully completed mounts should have some parts on them. Their feet could glow, or some metal feet armor, for stamina upgrade, can be a metal helmet etc. Completed upgrades should be visible from outside.

Cash On Delivery Mail System

C.O.D mail is a great way to sell and item from zone chat. You do not need to meet and trade , its easier and secure. What this means is, you send and item you wish to sell to a buyer with a gold amount written on it. The buyer need to pay the mount in order to receive the item. The money goes to the seller. Tiny amount of the gold is burned as cost. This type of "burns" is very important for the healthy economy. If there is no burning mechanism, inflation goes high and gold means nothing. Same with the auction house, there should be house cut.

Large Groups

Groups should be able to transform into a large group. For example, the usual size of the group could be 12. But two 12 players should join and became a large group. That way, you can see their movement, health, mana, drops and all that good stuff. Healers could heal and buff both group. Large groups are great for hard challenges, strong bosses or very organized PVP runs. When you cant have more then 8 players in a group, it is very limiting. Group leaders should have a unique icon on top to ensure visibility. ( like a crown )

Harvesting Crafting Raw Materials

The nature should have raw materials for players to harvest and sell or use. Some fallen wood underneath the trees harvested for "wood" . Or you can place some "iron ore" next to a rock to mine. Players can harvest clothing materials from plants, "cotton" for example. Some gem stones or jewelry stones can be obtained as the same way.


Monster Names

Werewolf(it-barak) : Those monsters are everywhere. Almost every fantastic settings have some kind of beast-men in their story. There is a Turkish version of the werewolves as well. Called "It-barak" The "dog-headed human-like creatures" mentioned in the ancient Turkish epics, with which the Turks constantly waged war, lived in the northwest of the Turks at that time. Those kind of variations in the monster names could taken from Turkish legends and mythologies. Instead of fully implementing the western culture into the game, you could use some of the eastern and Middle-Asian culture as well.

From this suggestion you can research local mythologies and came up with original monsters and names. For a final example. Dragons can be named as ;

Ejderha -if you look et etymology of this word you'll see it comes from ajdahāk/ajdahā أژدهاك/أژدها
ejdehā [ Aşık Pasa, Garib-name (1330) ]
ejderhā [ Dede Korkut ( 1400+ years ago)

You can derive an original name from this ( Ejdakhar - Ejdaha , Ajdakhah, Ayderha , Aydakhar , Achidahar ) it looks fantastic enough to be used in a game. And its root is more local.

i'll update this topic in time.
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13 Kas 2020
I bet you're an ESO player :) and yes, suggestions are good


24 Nis 2021
I think Delivery system is very important thing.

It will help players who are playing solo and have more than 1 account. It will be also usefull for sending rewards from some events (not in game).

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